Sweet-tooths, watch out! Our Dirndls in cake form are just as sweet and seductive as all the other pastries in our new range. The best thing to do is to take a look at all the delicacies yourself. The very sight of them will get your mouth watering. But don't wait too long: These desserts are only available from 2 September to 3 November.

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Who was it that said that work and rest don't go together? Our three seminar hotels in Deutsch-Wagram, Völkermarkt and Ansfelden are happy to disprove that theory. We can put together an individual package before you arrive, perfectly adapted to your needs. Good transport links and convenient parking facilities mean you arrive stress-free, the rooms have the latest conference technology and perfect service for a conducive working atmosphere. By the time you get round to spending the night in one of our 40 comfortable rooms in a peaceful, natural setting, you will be convinced that work at Rosenberger is definitely a pleasure.

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At Rosenberger we know all about the art of enjoying the perfect break. So we make sure we also serve your Schnitzel exactly as you like it in all Rosenberger restaurants. Whether it's with traditional veal, with chicken or pork. You'll be spoiled for choice when you have a Schnitzel with us. You can even choose your own side dishes from the buffet.


There are many good reasons to be a member of the Rasti Kids Club. One of them is your personal birthday party, to which we invite our young customers year after year. We give you a birthday cake to go with your complimentary birthday meal. And because it's not a proper birthday without presents, we have a great surprise for you. Parents and friends are all invited of course. And Rasti is looking forward to a great party.

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We not only invented rest stops at Rosenberger, we also share the secret of how they work best. For example, have you been stuck in a traffic jam or been annoyed by another road user? Then you need to get rid of that anger. To do this, simply clench your fists, tighten your toes firmly and roar vigorously. Now you've got rid of the anger in the pit of your stomach, your food will taste even better at Rosenberger. After all, the way to recovery is through the stomach! Incidentally, we regularly post other rest-stop tips on our Facebook page.

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