As you know, rest stops were born at Rosenberger. And we continue to develop them further. And so as part of our modernisation initiative we are opening twelve new restaurants on Austrian motorways together with BURGER KING. The cooperation is the beginning of a major redesign of Rosenberger's locations and thus paving the way for the development of motorway service stations throughout Austria. In future, two different concepts cover the various needs of customers all under one roof. The well-known Rosenberger quality with freshness, traditional Austrian dishes and diversity meets modern Burger King philosophy – we are looking forward to the rest stop of the future.

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Saison 01-2017


This award of excellence makes us really proud! Rosenberger Managing Director Thomas Wollner was recently named as “Opinion Leader of the Year 2016” by “Leadersnet”. Every decision maker who was featured in an editorial on the Internet platform in the last year was nominated. There were about 500 personalities to choose from in nine categories with more than 15,000 votes cast. Most of them went to Thomas Wollner, who won them over not only with his career performance, but also with his authoritative and sympathetic presence. We extend our warmest congratulations.

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Spring is in the air. But it's not only nature that is awakening. At Rosenberger as well, the menu is blossoming for springtime. Pampering the palate with delicious, light and completely fresh specialities. So, if you want to get the very best of that spring feeling, treat yourself to a rest stop at Rosenberger. The scent of the finest Jerusalem artichoke cream soup, of crispy, golden-brown fried chicken with parsley potatoes and delicious pasta sauces is simply irresistible. And you too will be full of the joys of spring, where rest-stops were born!

These specialities are available from 31 March in all Rosenberger branches.


Of course, the customer is always king at Rosenberger. But in Golling and Eisentratten they even get to eat at the King's table. Or rather at Manager Manfred König's table (yes, “König” is German for king). The trained confectioner has work where rest stops were born since 1999. He began by graduating in our one-year management training programme, during which got a thorough grounding in every aspect of work, from cleaning and kitchen service right up to office duties. Manfred König knows how the business works in detail but also knows the big picture and leads his team by example every single day. As the youngest manager in Rosenberger's history he first took the reins at our Angath location and since then has led four of our operations. With astonishing success as well. The father-of-two has increased sales every year for the 17 years he has been manager. Is it any wonder that he is often referred to by Rosenberger Managing Director Thomas Wollner as the “Sales-King”.


We'll let you into a sweet secret: your favourite coffee now tastes even better at Rosenberger! After all, thanks to our new cake promotion, you can now enjoy the coffee of your choice with cherry crème brulée or apple pie for only €6.50. A really delicious combination.




Combine a meal at Rosenberger with a visit to Time Travel! The adventure world at the Graben” moat shows you all the milestones of Viennese history on 1,300m2. The turbulent history of Vienna is portrayed and experienced in a unique way in various settings (including award-winning 5-D cinema, an audience with the Habsburgs and an air-raid shelter). Two recent exciting innovations await visitors at Time Travel: the new Viennese Waltz ride enchants its guests with a great laser show and a snow machine in the coach ride is a wonderful, magical supplement of the tour that will amaze the audience. Time Travel offers a discounted rate of € 16.50 per person for groups of 12 or more.

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We have our own definition of spring cleaning. If you don't fancy a date with duster and broom, you can enjoy polishing (off) the spring goodies together with your loved ones at Rosenberger. For every adult main course, we give you a kids menu free of charge. Now that's what we call neat and tidy.