Welcome to our team

Because we offer friendly and committed employees superior career opportunities!

Why do our guests feel right at home and prefer staying at our locations rather than at the rest stops of our competitors? It's not just the quality and freshness of our food or the relaxing ambience of our restaurants; first and foremost, it's the friendliness and competence of our staff. If working as a part of a successful team, a pleasant work climate, first-rate career opportunities as well as thorough training are a priority with you, you have found just the right employer in Rosenberger.

All of our employees are given the chance to earn a successful professional career through their commitment, their professional attitude and their hard work. We will also support you in achieving your goals by providing in‑house seminars, workshops and coaching. Climb the Rosenberger career ladder: start as a staff member, and you may become a department manager, an assistant manager, an assistant to a location manager or even a location manager yourself. At Rosenberger, you are particularly welcome as an apprentice or a trainee.

There are two types of training available:
At our à la carte restaurants, you can complete a first-rate apprenticeship as a chef and/or restaurant specialist. Or you can learn the trade of a system caterer at one of our market restaurants.

An apprenticeship at Rosenberger is a guarantee for success:
Many of our apprentices score top marks at their final examinations and compete in the annually held nation-wide contests for apprentices.

It makes us proud that our apprentices and trainees are among Austria's finest and that many of them have become international top managers.