FIRST by Rosenberger



The name Rosenberger is automatically associated with motorways and service stations. In the future, we’d also like to demonstrate our culinary expertise, away from the world of roadside dining, as we open a new restaurant – Rosenberger FIRST – in Salzburg.


Toni Klein Slimming Expert
Toni Klein Slimming Expert


Now the summer holidays are getting ever closer, perhaps you’re thinking you really ought to shed a little weight? Then try our rest-stop slimming. Yes, you’ve read it right. At Rosenberger, we currently have a special slimming menu created by our chefs together with Toni Klein, the slimming expert and coach. The tender chicken breast on glass noodles with green asparagus, walnuts, sesame and black cumin not only tastes amazing, but is above all healthy. Toni Klein also explains to Rosenberger's Managing Director Thomas Wollner how “rest-stop slimming” works in the new radio spot. You can hear this on the Ö3 radio station in July and August.

Christian Hren


A mere glance at his CV is sufficient to fill people with admiration and respect. Manager Christian Hren is a man who knows all about food and restaurants, and has a self-made recipe for success.

Many years of experience have shown me there is nothing to beat good old-fashioned common sense when you’re aiming to satisfy customers”, Christian Hren explains. Having worked for a wide range of restaurants, hotels and operations, the 49-year-old then became manager of Rosenberger-St. Pölten. Here, where roadside diners were introduced in the 1970s, the Vienna-born manager pays attention to every single detail, as well as to the running of the business as a whole. Members of staff are be expected to treat their customers with the same respect paid to them by Mr. Hren - as if they were welcoming them as guests in their own homes.

Mushrooms season
Mushrooms season


When the forest is sprouting and mushrooms are springing from the soil once again, then mushroom season is upon us at Rosenberger. So, if you can’t spare the time to go “fungi foraging” yourself, just come and see us and enjoy the coveted mushrooms at their best – cream of chanterelle soup with crispy bacon cubes for example, or the delicious chanterelles in cream sauce with homemade napkin dumplings. A sheer treat to the very last delicious morsel of chanterelle.

The mushroom season at Rosenberger begins on 30 June.

Our legendary “Kaisermelange” cup will soon be replaced by our new “Cup of Rast”. So, make sure you get one of the last retro cups, with a saucer included, free of charge with every Kaisermelange. After all, this cup has class. This special offer starts on 2 June 2017 and is valid as long as stocks last.


Even if you have a WC voucher with another Austrian motorway service station: you can still redeem it with us. Quite simply and without any question at all. Which just goes to prove: guests enjoy special privileges at Rosenberger! So wherever you got your toilet voucher from: you can use it to spend a penny with us. WelCome to Rosenberger. It’s best to let our employees know. Just mention: “I have another voucher for you!”

And don’t forget: the vouchers are redeemable throughout Austria in all 17 Rosenberger locations.